Radiologisches Zentrum Mainfranken

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RZM Mainfranken Radiology Center

RZM was established as the first radiology center in Würzburg, Germany — the birthplace of the X-ray procedure.

3d rzm logo on a wall

Our Responsibilities

For this client, we visually translated the medical discipline of radiology. We combined the traditional and well-known symbol of the cross with the visuals of the X-ray. The cross symbol refers to the "Red Cross" — founded in 1863 by Henry Dunant and the Genfer Convention — which is universally associated with available medicinal assistance, diagnostic research, and expert knowledge. For visualizing the X-ray, we adapted the energy and frequency representing radiation. These essential design elements offered us unlimited application possibilities in developing a holistic visual language.

The Definition of the Brand Purpose

Just as we think strategically for our company in terms of a brand identity, we also develop this identity for our clients using the same methods: Together with our clients, we set the company's purpose, mission, and vision. The purpose answers the question of why the brand exists and what general contribution it makes or should make to the world. The Corporate Purpose is directed outward and includes the value of all products or services. And lastly, the vision defines where our customers want to be in the future, and the concept is directed inwards. All these three points together form the brand identity.
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We start with the "Why"

Before we started working for the RZM, we sat down with Dr. Peter Range, MD, the new director of the RZM, and let him speak a little about his personal "whys." He told us that for more than 30 years, the RZM had existed in the heart of the birthplace of radiology. He told us it is impossible to imagine modern medicine without radiology, and hardly any therapy takes place without prior imaging. 

Defining the Mission

Dr. Range told us that his philosophy is not to limit his diagnostic work to creating images. He thinks that radiologists must also interpret the images correctly to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. He needed to be perceived as a medic, not a technician. His medical practice sees patients in distress and with their individual needs. His guiding principle is understanding and excellent diagnostics. Only in this way can the right therapy be started, he explained. We like this approach and enjoy working with the RZM.          


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Fassade design, signboard trilogy 

Signboards show what you can expect inside. It always helps to figure out what you are looking for on the first view. So it is necessary to catch the most wanted information for presentation.

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