What we do: Design. Film. Media. Cross Disciplinary. 

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Brand Development    

Name Creation   

Corporate Identity   

Market Analysis  

Marketing Strategy 

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Logo Design  

Business Cards  

Label Design  

Letterhead Development  

Application Examples  

Color System Development  

Image and Font Conception  

Advertising Material Design 

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Post Production

Image Films 

Advertising Films 

Music Video Productions 

Advertising Jingle Production

Drone Shots 


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Web Appearence  

Visual Language  


Navigation System  

User Experience Strategy  


Digital Transformation  

Employee Enabling 

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Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Video and Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Film and Media Production 


Music Production 


Marketing Analytics 

Market Insights 

Digital Visibility  

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Location Appearance  

In-practice CI Strategy 

Interior Design  

Floor Design  

Wall Design 

Furniture Design 

Light Concept

Sound Concept

For each of our clients, we consider the awareness of their brand identity an essential element to communicate branding successfully. (Corporate) Identity is always our first approach.

The “identity” request is not only relevant when it comes to finding out whether we, as Loon* mediavision, are best suited for your needs, but it also shows how we as a company operate when we approach a new project:

layered ball representing the brand essence with the indicative inscription saying corporate identity

We support companies strategically in their brand development, appearance, and placement across all disciplines.



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Emotional Intelligence

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