business cards for versorgungskasse darmstadt, pension fund for civil servants

vk, zvk: Versorgungs- u. Zusatzversorgungskasse

What we did: Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Visual Appearance, Web Design

The “Versorgungskasse” (pension fund) for civil servants of the municipalities and municipal associations in Darmstadt, Germany is a corporation under public law and has its registered office in Darmstadt.

The Importance of a Corporate Identity 

A well thought-out corporate design is essential for any form of successful corporate communication, because it supports the positioning of your company by defining and strengthening its visual identity and therefore increasing its visibility in its market segment. A consistent and uniform corporate language is indispensable to differentiate  your company in the flood of advertising measures and information.    

A4 paper with green writing and logo
two business cards, one is green with a white font and the other white with green font

Market Positioning and Differentiation 

Branding is the key when it comes to market positioning and differentiation from competitors. To be perceived on the market and to stand out from the crowd, your company must distinguish itself from the competition both internally and in public. The visual appearance is what creates a clear market profile and improves your position in the market through distinction from competitors.    

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