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What we did: Name and Brand Development, Logo Design, Visual Appearance, Corporate Identity, Web Design, Publicly Appointed Expert Appraisal Films        

aquasenat GmbH is an office of publicly appointed and sworn experts and consulting engineers in the field of urban water management, who assist in the condition assessment, evaluation, and rehabilitation of engineering structures of the underground infrastructure, in particular drainage and piping systems. 

Our responsibilities

Loon* mediavision was engaged by the aquasenat GmbH as a strategic design and marketing company and with our team we accompanied and managed the entire company formation process from name development to the creation of the corporate identity and a corporate strategy, including its implementation. Today, we still work closely with the engineering company and support them in the development of publicly appointed expert appraisal films in canals and on constructions.
logo aquasenat on airport site
Exemplary terms for name creation: water, power, energy, life, supply, movement, respect, flowing, damming, dynamics, strength, environment, environmental protection, urban water management, appraisal, experts
construction site on a large airport area with construction cranes in the background and a large company vehicle on the left side

Solutions in Brand Developing

A company’s brand is the greatest “marketing weapon” available to entrepreneurs. The corporate branding affects all visual methods and the underlying values of your company’s services. One of the key objectives of the corporate branding is to make your company appear unmistakable: both internally and externally. This is where the recognition value comes into play. In this way, the personality and uniqueness of your company can be worked out. The process of finding a company’s corporate brand is an inclusive one in which different creative products form a unity into a working brand identity. 

Visualization and Establishment of the Identity 

It creates continuity in corporate communication by working cross-medially and at all touchpoints of your company. We use the term “touchpoints” to describe situations where potential customers, suppliers or business partners come into contact with your products, services or brand. This “red thread”, the unique recognition value, creates credibility and trust. Just take the example of major brands such as Apple, Starbucks, or Coca Cola. Their branding is universally recognizable and has not changed much over the years. 

bird's eye view of a black leather look desk with a black keyboard, a cut cactus, and a golden business card

Inside Out

The transformative effect of a tailor-made corporate branding has a lasting impact on a company's external image as it has on its own sense of identity, leading to a unified corporate self-awareness and helps to create feelings of credibility and trust.


Excerpt of a Documentation Video

Together with the experts at the aquasenat GmbH we help produce and document the conditions of civil engineering structures — especially underground infrastructure —, roads, and traffic facilities, open spaces, and other types of structures with their neighboring buildings.  

I really owe a lot to Loon* mediavision.
 Together, we look back on a very successful business relationship over many years and we are completely satisfied. Since our foundation, we have been working closely with this highly appreciated business partner as we are supported by the agency in ALL our marketing, film and design matters. Loon* has really brought us further.

Dipl. Ing. Christoph Pöllmann, CEO of aquasenat 

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