Merck Group — project 1

What we did: Design Guide

The Merck Group is a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany


The Design Guide

We have created this interactive design guideline for the Merck Group as a set of directions on how to use the corporate design to ensure a satisfactory user experience.       

gif of the design guide for merck group
gif of the design guide for merck group

The elements of the Design Guide

The design guide includes everything from design elements and color palettes to the typographic style. Defining these things can help users apply the interactive design style more accurately, consistently, and intuitively across all media.       

Merck Group — project 2

What we did: Image CD

The Image CD: Composition of the Elements

An Image CD could be described as a multi-dynamic brochure. The image CD we designed for the Merck Group serves as an internal and external company description, and it contains the company's philosophy, mission, and values.      

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