FEG Seeheim-Jugenheim 

What we did: Corporate Identity and Logo Design,  Design of the Visual Language in all implementations,  Photography   

The Seeheim-Jugenheim Free Evangelical Congregation is a family-friendly church that offers a varied program and complements community life with joint recreational activities and other events. 

Our Responsibilities

For the Free Evangelical Church of Seeheim-Jugenheim, we developed the entire corporate image, including moving image production and all print products. We created the corporate image based on the most optimal external and internal communication. A clear identity is to create a high level of recognition for the evangelical organization. In addition, the CI is intended to strengthen loyalty. A consistent CI should also lead to staff and guests showing a higher level of loyalty to the charity.

The Logo: symbol of the cross meets exclamation mark

The corporate design, as described above, refers to the appearance of the organization. Here, it is essential to present a uniform image to the outside world. The background to the idea for the logo development was to visualize the message of the cross symbol combined with an exclamation mark as the symbol can provide an answer for many people with open questions and in search of meaning.

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